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10% of conflict is due to the difference in opinion
and 90% is due to wrong tone of voice.
ritu ghatourey
ada temen cerita mesen kopi minta sama french press-nya.
kopi datang sama kentang goreng

Basically, it’s about a lion who goes up to the giraffe and he says, “Hey, man, did you see that dude ?”
And the giraffe’s like, “What dude ?”
And he goes, “He’s that dude, “he lives by the river in a hut.”
And the giraffe goes, “What does he look like ?”
And the lion goes, “He looks like this, ‘Ahhh !’” (Louie shows a scary face)
And the giraffe’s like, “Well, I know a dude that lives by the river, but he doesn’t look like that.”
He goes, “No, that’s what he looks like, ‘Ahhh !’”
The giraffe says, “I know a guy, but he looks like this.”

See, the lion just thinks that people look like that.
The lion doesn’t get that he makes a person look like that by scaring the shit out of them.
He just thinks that, “Hey, that’s that dude that’s always going, ‘Ahhh !’” That’s what he’s like.